About Us

About Us

Our experienced family team led by Birgul Rose Erbil, are here to help you resolve divorce and separation issues as quickly and sensitively as possible. We provide a service in family law, financial matters, children law, domestic violence, and inheritance issues. We will always give compassionate and caring advice whilst protecting your interests robustly.

One of our main priorities is to understand your personal aims and objectives, these can often be very different in each case and we recognise that every family is different.

We offer flexible pricing and fixed fee services, and our dynamic team will work effortlessly to find the right solution for you.

We take pride in our work and maintain the high level of professionalism that is expected of us as a legal firm. Whether you have an enquiry or a case that needs looked at we are here to help you.

Our Services


Legal issues may arise when circumstances in family or relationship changes. Our family lawyers specialise in all areas of family law and divorce matters, this includes financial settlements and children issues.


Here at Erbil & Richmond Solicitors we can offer you expert yet competitively priced Will writing service. We can tailor the information to your requirements and are empathetic when dealing with your responsibilities.


We provide advice and representation to everyone in the family, which includes parents, siblings and extended families, with a full range of the issues relating to children. If there are serious concerns about your child’s safety or welfare then we are here to give you the correct guidance.


If you recently given birth, got married, graduated or lost a loved one and your looking for a way to legalise this in another country which may be your hometown then Erbil & Richmond Solicitors are here with a team of expertise with quick and reliable advice.


Need a change of forename, surname, spelling of name or anything regarding your name then we can guarantee full consultation and advice on what the next steps for you can be.

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Our experts are all well-trained we have many years of experience to get the best result for our clients.