Children Law

Children Law

In most divorce cases, the majority of disagreements occur when it comes to making decisions about children and finance.

Our team who is led by a specialists lawyer accredited by the Law Society, has considerable experience of advising parents on all matters relating to children.

We deal with children matters sensitively, avoiding the creation of more upset and acrimony and making sure that the children’s welfare remains the priority at all times.

We can advise you on all types of Family and Children Law, including the following:

  • Children Law including the arrangements for your children, such as, where they will live, who they will live with, how often they will see each parent, carer or significant person in their life, which schools they will go to and which country they should live in.
  • Child Abduction : we can offer immediate appointments. If you are concerned that your child is at immediate risk of abduction to a foreign country or within the UK, there are emergency steps that can be taken to prevent this and to protect your child.
  • Disputes between parents, grandparents or siblings about issues relating to Contact, Specific Issue Orders such as schooling, religion, circumcision, change of name or other important decisions relating to the child, Prohibited Steps Orders and Parental Responsibility.